Many of us have phobias and there are many different phobias. Sometimes they do not impact on our daily life because we avoid situations when they may arise. Sometimes they cannot be avoided, so we grit our teeth and push through. We get on that plane because we want to go on holiday, we look the other way when the spider scuttles across the floor. But sometimes the impact on our lives becomes too great. Maybe, we start a new job dealing with customers but still have a fear of talking to people, or a family member has just bought a dog and we now have to choose between dealing with our fear of dogs or seeing the family less often.

Phobias can have a real impact. They can make us feel anxious, panic, sweaty, dizzy, nauseous or make us start shaking, raise our heart beat or give us palpitations. They stop us doing what we want to do.

Hypnotherapy helps us reduce these emotional and physical responses. It helps us find ways to confront the phobia and reduce its power over us so that we can do what we want to do.

It is a positive, enjoyable and effective approach to improve our lives.