Welcome ! I am pleased that you have found the Finding Solutions website. At Finding Solutions, we truly believe that all of us can change and be happier.

The fact that you have arrived on my website is probably a sign that something in your life is not quite right, or there is a difficult issue that you would like to address and move past. I can help you do this.

You may feel stressed, anxious or be struggling with a feeling of overload.
You may want to feel more confident, to be calmer and more in control.
You may have psychological or physical challenges.
You may want to try something different because you are feeling unmotivated, stuck or unhappy and want to improve your life
You may just want to be free of some negative habits.

I can help you with any of these and many other issues to allow you to feel much happier.

Thanks to modern science, we now know so much more about how our minds work. We know how to change ways of thinking and behaving that hold us back. We know how to harness the power of our minds to really help us. I use a combination of solution focused coaching, hypnosis and other psychological therapies, tools and techniques. In our sessions we will not need to dwell on any difficult past experiences. You will feel calmer, in control and more confident about your future.

I offer sessions on-line (Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc).

If you would like to find solutions that make a real difference to your future please contact me. I will be happy to spend time with you to talk about how I can help and answer any questions you may have.