Ann Brennan

I am an accredited clinical solution focused hypnotherapist and coach who helps people to work through a wide range of difficulties.


Are you thinking and behaving in unhelpful ways or are emotionally triggered for reasons you simply don’t understand?



Do you want to clarify your thinking, identify your goals and move forward?
Do you need help putting plans into action?


What is Hypnotherapy?

Sometimes we can develop unwanted patterns of thinking and behaving that cause us problems such as anxiety, stress or addictions.
These patterns may stem from childhood or they may come from having had to deal with difficult experiences later on.
Solution focused hypnotherapy is a mix of solution focused therapy and hypnosis. It is a very effective and rapid way to shift these patterns. It is also a very pleasant experience.
During the therapy, you relax but remain alert and in control at all times, much like the feeling when you have just woken up.
When you are in this state, I can make positive suggestions to replace the unhelpful patterns that have been holding you back.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is about helping you to achieve your goals. During sessions, we will clarify any problems or beliefs that have been limiting you.
You will feel supported and listened to and our conversation will allow you to gain insight and clarity.
You will be able to face difficult issues that may have been troubling you for some time. You will find direction and fulfillment at times of change in your life.
We will work together to establish your goals and identify how you will achieve them. I will support you to be focused and motivated about achieving the changes you want. Coaching can make that vital difference, helping you do the things you need to do.
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